Roofing Contractors Dodge City, Kansas, KS

If you require a reputable roofing contractor in Dodge City, Kansas, KS, then we are delighted you found us! Roebuck Roofing provides a safe, professional roofing service to clients throughout Dodge City.

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Roebuck Roofing has been providing cost-effective roofing services to homeowners and building owners in Dodge City for many years. No matter the scale of the project, we ensure we always estimate projects precisely, use high-quality materials at all times and every roof installation is of the highest standard of quality and safety.

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Roof Repairs
Dodge City, Kansas, KS

It’s vitally important all roof repairs are performed by a certified roofing repairs contractor. Our team of roof repair specialists are professionally educated to thoroughly test, inspect and replicate roof leaks to ensure the issue is correctly pinpointed.


Roof Replacement
Dodge City, Kansas, KS

The decision to replace your roof is immense and not to be taken lightly. Our qualified roofing team are ready to help you best with your roof replacement task and invest in the right solution. For local roof replacement companies near me, speak to us today.


Roof Inspections
Dodge City, Kansas, KS

If you require your roof inspected because of a leak or potential issue, schedule in your roof inspection now for a roof condition and insurance report. We strongly recommend annual roof inspections both before and after hurricane season. Usually, we can use drones to inspect roofs without the use of ladders and expensive scaffolding.

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Certified Roofing Contractors

All our staff are professionally qualified roof technicians, ensuring we carry out all work on your roof safely and efficiently.

Highest Quality Roofing Materials

We complete all roofing jobs using only the best materials available to fit your budget, needs and meet state regulations.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With a reputation for providing excellent craftsmanship at cost-effective prices, we can guarantee you will be very satisfied with our roofing services.

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Why Our Roofing Service in Dodge City, Kansas, KS?

Repairing or re-roofing your home can be a headache and stressful, that’s why you need to hire a highly-rated roofer in Dodge City. For peace of mind, why not give us a call today to get a free quote for your project?

Affordable Roof Installers Dodge City, Kansas, KS

Need a new roof? The average lifespan for a new roof is estimated at 25 years depending on quality of construction and roof type.

The team at Roebuck Roofing is proficient at installing all types of roofs. We have decades of experience in installing tile roofs on single-family homes, to spray-on systems on large warehouse structures, to sophisticated terrace decks on high-rise condos. We work on any roof no matter the size.

Roofing Contractors Dodge City, Kansas, KS

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No matter where you are located in Dodge City, if you searched ‘roofing companies near me’ our agents are ready to connect you with your local roofing depot. Roebuck Roofing offer roofing services to both residential and commercial customers throughout Dodge City.

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Roofing Contractors Dodge City, Kansas, KS

Frequently Asked Questions

The typical cost for a new roof in Dodge City, Kansas, KS, based on the square footage measurement is between $6000 and $15,000. Potentially, prices could reach $32,000 or more if you have a large square footage, or complex roof.

The clay tile roof thanks to it’s clever design and strong properties, make it a popular choice for new roof construction in Dodge City; withstanding heat, intense weather patterns as well as animals and pests. Clay tile roofs come in different shapes, colors and styles.

State Law requires homeowners or property owners to apply for a building permit for all installations or when replacing their roof.

While asphalt shingles come with warranties of 20 to 30 years, their lifespan in Dodge City is much shorter. High-quality architectural shingles have a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years. Conversely, 3-tab shingles are expected to last 10 to 12 years. Clay tile roofs in Dodge City last from 25 years to 50 years.

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No matter where you are located in Dodge City, if you searched ‘roofing contractors near me’ then speak to us now for a free roofing quote!